After the rain our area has sustained in the last few weeks you may have noticed that your grass looks greener and more lush than it has looked in a while.  This is to be expected. Because of the water deluge your lawn has soaked in all the nutrients we’ve applied in recent months.  The recent rain has delayed hotter temperatures, so there will be abnormal issues for early summer months.  Brown patch is still active in St. Augustine, however this should begin to clear up after a few days of strong sun. In both Bermuda and Zoysia, dead spots that would typically be associated with early Spring may still be an issue, however these should also clear up as we begin to have consistent hot and dry conditions.  Sedge and dove weed are problems associated with our wet weather and we’ll treat with post emergent herbicide as needed. Fortunately, most of these challenges should not be an issue for our customers who are on our programs.  Make sure your irrigation systems are ready and in good working condition!  Houston will be hot and dry SOON!  Got to LOVE Texas!!

The powerful rain has likely impacted your trees, therefore we recommend you consider supplemental tree feeding and deep root feedings.

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