Several pool-maintenance routines are keys for The Woodlands & Spring residents to counteract fall leaves; empty skimmer and pump baskets, check the filter pressure (max 30 psi), keep sanitizer levels up and backwash. When leaves collect in your pool, you can effectively direct them to the skimmer by directionally aligning wall jets to move water around the perimeter.  Leaves that settle at the bottom of your pool should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid staining.  In most areas, you should probably only need to run your filter pump 8 hours a day during cooler temperatures.

North Houston home owners with swimming pool heaters should consult with our professionals for service and proper operation. Calcium scales often accumulate and diminish the effectiveness of your heater.  We recommend you refer to the manufacturer’s manual for service intervals. As temperatures drop this Fall, make sure your pool’s heater is ready with a visit from our professional maintenance team.   One Source Residential Services has been providing premier pest, pool, and lawn solutions for North Houston since 1989.   

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