In January, we recommend that you begin to cut back your crepe myrtles and rose bushes to promote the healthiest looking trees and bushes in the Springtime.  We also would like to remind you that One Source has experienced technicians to assist you with your landscape lighting needs. Because the days are currently shorter, this is the perfect time to be aware of those current needs or possible upgrades.  You may be surprised what a beautiful enhancement landscape lighting makes in the appearance of your home.

Continue to be aware of your lawn’s water needs.  Should we be without rain for an extended period and the weather warms, consider watering in moderation. In the event of a freeze advisory, please be certain to run your irrigation to fortify your plants and flowers.  It takes longer for well-watered plants to freeze.  After watering, then cover all the plants and flowers that are susceptible to freeze damage.  As always, One Source is available to answer questions and be of assistance.  We encourage you to contact Robin for any landscape & irrigation consultation.

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