A frequent customer question that One Source Residential Services receives is, “Do the trees on our property need feeding?”  Due to the affects of our urban environment, our tree system’s balancing has been altered.    A reduction in decomposing plant life, earthworms, and other insects breaking down organic material, which serves as nature’s food source for our trees leads to deficient nourishment.   Because trees are vitally important to the ecosystem and add such high degrees of beautification to The Woodlands we suggest scheduling bi-annual feeding treatments.  

Developing A Tree Feeding Plan

Optimally, One Source Residential Services, The Woodlands Lawn Care specialists recommend a late winter treatment focused on the visible areas of the tree.    Corollary to this, an early fall treatment addressing the root system completes this annual tree feeding plan.   It is important to take into account the elongated digestive process, as tree feed results will take time to observe. Ornamental and planted trees may show results quicker due to size and expedited growing speeds.  

How To Identify Your Trees

The video below presents a helpful guide to discovering and understanding the trees on your property.  One Source has helped many customers identify and catalogue tree types across their lawn, providing the benefit of increased knowledge and more precise treatments and care.   



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