5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Pest Control

In an age of DIY, some question the need to contract with a professional pest control service to protect their home.   In response  there are multiple reasons why outsourcing and upgrading pest prevention is pivotal!  Tropical climates and forested areas present even more pressing justification for professional oversight, so Houston homeowners take note.   Handling pests in our hot and humid area is a pros job.  Lets looks at five reasons why you need professional pest control:

1. Danger

Pest control requires an extensive knowledge of chemical treatments that cover a wide array of pests.  These commercial grade chemicals are far more advanced and complex than the shelf-based solutions and are be harmful when not handled properly.   In Texas, Pest Control is a licensed profession for several key reasons.   Proper training is essential to effective and safe application, therefore the Texas Department of Agriculture regulates men and women who apply treatments for residential customers.   Safety and environmental concerns make regulation necessary. 

From the Texas Department of Agriculture Website:

TDA’s Structural Pest Control Service licenses and regulates pest management professionals who apply pesticides in an around structures. 

2. Monitoring

One Source Residential Services will establish a customized service plan for your home, based on size, terrain, and location for regular monitoring.   Pest control is a year round task, with seasonal aspects, requiring consistency in order to maintain perimeter defenses that exclude pests.   A missed application can lead to unwanted invasion.   If you are handling pest control  yourself and miss a round for any reason you could experience a kickback. This is why timely treatments by professionals who earn their living servicing home pest control needs is critical to proper maintenance of your home. 

3. Risk

Extensive skill is required to properly address pest situations.   If the approach is bungled harmful pests and their diseased residue can scatter chaotically, putting your family’s health in jeopardy.    For example, if eradication of a nest of mice is mishandled, the fatal Hantavirus can spread.  Bees and flying insects can swarm aggressively if not removed effectively.  For this reason alone, leave the pest control to the experts!  No reason to create unnecessary threats to your family.  

4.  Environment

When well meaning home owners experiment with chemical concoctions, harmful situations can ensue.  Thankfully the TDA regulates professional pest control technicians, ensuring and enforcing proper standards which protect our communities from environmental damage.   Hiring a professional lowers the environmental impact in our area.  Contracting with One Source Residential Services means reducing the risk to our environment, through expert service and organic pest control options.

5.  Efficiency

With bundled rate opportunities, One Source Residential Services can treat and protect your property for pests at a bargain price.  Our company employs great economy of scale, bringing powerful value to you.  The question is simply, “Why would you try and handle pest control yourself when paying a professional is so affordable?” 

The need for professional service is clear.   The advantages GREATLY outweigh the cost!   Schedule your consultation with One Source now!

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