Advanced Mosquito Prevention Strategies

With summer season approaching, it is not uncommon to begin to see more pests, roaches, ants, beetles, and more within your property. Keep in mind that we are available for retreats if necessary and will be happy to do inside treatments if you are seeing activity inside your homes.  We would like to reiterate that along with your general pest control service, One Source is experienced with installing and maintaining mosquito misting systems.  Because we’ve had such a mild winter, mosquito populations are more prevalent. Therefore, we expect them to be even more of a nuisance this summer.  We are seeing a significant increase in the demand for these mosquito systems. Installing the system is a simple one-day process, allowing your family to fully enjoy your beautiful yard in The Woodlands this time of year without the annoyance of mosquitos swarming around. Contact One Source for any issues and Steve Luckermann will be happy to eliminate your pest nuisance. 

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