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Is your family in the process of switching pool service companies? Or do you have a newly-installed pool? Either way, there is much for you to consider. As most homeowners know, appropriate and consistent maintenance is required for the upkeep of your backyard pool. Some folks are great at keeping a pristine-looking pool. However, most of us prefer to leave it in the hands of pool service professionals, like One Source Residential Services of north Houston. Since you’d rather spend time enjoying your pool, than cleaning and maintaining it, there are a few things to consider. Ask yourself the following questions before working with an experienced pool maintenance company…

Is the Pool Service Company Insured?

The very first thing you should consider and confirm is whether the pool service company is insured. When service technicians are cleaning and repairing your pool, accidents can happen, like the spilling of pool chemicals. There is also the occasional ferocious canine who may have accidentally gotten outside and attacked the technician. As such, ensure that your pool company has up-to-date liability insurance to cover these kinds of accidents and damages.

Does the Company Provide Good Customer Service?

When it comes to customer service, first impressions are very accurate. Pay attention to details like timeliness and professionalism. If they arrive at their appointments on time and look professional, these are good indications of professionalism. If your phone calls are answered and returned professionally and efficiently, this is another good sign. These common courtesies could indicate that the company will be easy to contact. Furthermore, they may also indicate that there’s good and consistent customer service throughout the company. When pool service companies provide great customer service to you, long-lasting relationships can occur. Moreover, you’ll be more inclined to recommend them to friends and family members.

Another great way to confirm customer service is to check for online reviews and customer feedback pertaining to each company. Most Google My Business searches for Greater Houston will provide a list of the top pool services in your area.

Are Monthly Service Fees All-Inclusive?

Always know exactly what you’re paying for with any home service and maintenance plan. Upon receiving a company quote for monthly service, be sure to confirm that the quote involves every service and charge. A reputable pool service company will be able to ensure that their monthly service fee will not have any surprise charges. If so, however, they should inform you well in advance of these changes.

Does the Pool Company Have a Valid License?

Along with verifying insurance, you’ll definitely want to also confirm that your company of choice has a valid business license. Getting a business license is one of the first steps any professional maintenance company would take. To ensure that you are truly dealing with a reputable and professional pool company, confirming they are licensed is a good place to start.

Are You Working with the Best Pool Service?

When you hire a reliable pool company, you get the most out of having a pool. This is especially true after you’ve done your research. Equally important is ensuring that you work only with the best in your area. One Source Residential Services of North Houston has been providing professional pool services for homeowners for nearly 20 years!

If you live in the Woodlands, Spring, or Conroe area, get to know us by browsing our residential services online, or calling us at 281-363-4663.

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