Keeping Ahead of Roaches In North Houston

Dead Houston Texas Roach

September remains very hot in The Woodlands, Texas, keeping roaches an active issue.  Three ways to keep roaches from your home: 

1. Keep it clean

Roaches seek warm, moist and dark places to make their homes. 

2. Seal it up

Even the cleanest homes can fall victim to a roach infestation. One of the main ways roaches enter a home is via poorly sealed doors and windows

3. Fix leaks

While they can go long periods of time without food, roaches cannot survive for more than a week without water. Even the smallest leak under your kitchen or bathroom sink could be quenching the thirst of a growing roach family. 

If you notice any pest issues inside your home and would like an indoor treatment please contact the office. Call or email Steve for elimination of any pest nuisance.