Bring Fall Color To Your Flower Bed

Fall Color Leaves In The Woodlands

Let the cooler weather descend. Fall in Houston is the best time to plant. The plants are not stressed by heat and there is generally plenty of time for them to become established before the first freeze.  The nurseries will soon be filled with snapdragons, pansies, cabbages, lobelia, dianthes, allysum, etc.  A great time for color! Your roses will begin their fall bloom and your yard will breath a loud sigh of relief that the heat is gone. We recommend at this point that you be mindful of rainfall as our days begin to get shorter and a bit cooler. Just a reminder, most of your controllers have a setting to reduce by percentage which saves a complete setting reset.  

Reminder...DON'T FORGET TO GO WIIIIILLLLLDDDD WITH YOUR WILDFLOWERS SEEDS!  It's the perfect time of year to plant them! We encourage you to contact Robin for any landscape & irrigation consultation.