The Woodlands Pool Company Summer 2017 Update

The Woodlands Pool Service - June 2017 Newsletter

As summertime heat races into full swing in our area, your backyard pools are getting more and more activity.  One Sourcecommits to keeping them in beautiful, pristine and safe working condition.  However, there are important tips to remember between your weekly technician visits.  Maintaining a constant water level is of utmost importance.  If the level is TOO low there won’t be enough water to safely run your pool cleaner or pump.  This can quickly burn up your equipment.  If it is TOO high, your skimmers will not function properly and dirt and debris will won’t circulate into the skimmer.  The proper level is about 1” above the bottom of the skimmer tile.   One Sourcehighly recommends automatic water levelers that can easily be installed for a minimum charge. Contact One Source to schedule an installation.