Eliminating The Woodlands, Texas Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest bugs to invade your home. In the summer, they present a much larger indoor problem than they do in the cooler months. Too much heat outside drives the cockroaches indoors, causing them to seek out the moist areas of your home. 

Although cockroaches don’t present the same health and habitat hazards that many other summer bugs do, their size and appearance make them unpleasant roommates. It is usually best to control cockroaches before they have a chance to lay their eggs in the hidden corridors of your home. At One Source we prefer to treat the perimeter in order to bar pests from the interior of your home. Additionally, do not hesitate to schedule an indoor pest treatment if you are having problems with pests inside your home. Please call or email Steve for elimination of any pest nuisance. 

*** Note: No image was used in the post due to the foul, unsightly nature of the pest at hand.  Call One Source so you do not encounter roaches around your The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, or Conroe property.

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