Zap The Fire Ants That Stalk The Woodlands, Texas

As I laid back upon the recently mown front lawn of our Houston home, my daughter alerted me to the proximity of a fire ant mound an arms length away.   The fearsome critters could have clambered all over me during a brief attempt at a summer siesta.   For active outdoor families, fire ants are the bane of bare foot prancing.    Oh that the fire ants would be diverted away to other yards, or eradicated from the face of the earth – even better! A simple play session can go awry with one unsteady step into the bastion of these micro beats.   

The Woodlands Fire Ant Elimination

It’s all fun and games until someone among your friends or family gets bit by the perennial flaming poison of these swarming mites.   Filled with a toxin designed to paralyze prey, fire ants (known scientifically as Myrmica rubra) rush together in bold defiance of human dominance.   They literally try to fell us like a woodsman swinging an ax at the tree.   Relocating quickly, and rebuilding effortlessly in a matter of days, it is quite possible to play games of musical chairs with these nasty nuisances.   Every day fire ants matriculate through the scenic byways and leafy lots of The Woodlands, Texas.   Rarely treated by community wide measures, fire ants present a real sore spot for homeowners.  Showing up regularly throughout the year, with a summer peak these pests pierce the pristine environs of our villages.   Anchored in The Woodlands area, One Source Residential Services is the professional pulverizer of these suburban enemies.     Bringing to bear a quarter century of pest control vigilance, the fleet of technicians are readably deployed to destroy the entirety of fire ants.   Our proprietary approach will eliminate fire ants from your yard in or we will gladly return free of charge.  

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