Nullify Chinch Bugs With Pest Control In The Woodlands, Texas

As we move out of Spring weather and into the Summer heat, disease will become less of an issue in the turf and insects will increase. 

Chinch bugs are the most common insect in our turf because they prefera warm and dry environment. These bugs tend to attack St. Augustine grass predominately, but have also been found in Zoysia.  Chinch bug damage tends to resemble drought stress.  Affected blades will fold in half and turf will not respond to watering, often this will begin near concrete (as pictured above).  These bugs are very hard to see due to their size.  Adults are grey with a white spot while the younger ones will be reddish in color.  Please notify your technician or the office staff if you have concerns.  Contact Steve Muller for any lawn care requests or issues

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