Mosquito Systems

One Source is trained and licensed to install and maintain your mosquito misting service. Along with our one-stop streamlined services, we can ensure your outdoor environments are enjoyable.  Bi-monthly visits include a full system check, complete cleaning and refill.   Current pricing for mosquito system service is $49 + $3 gallon refilled.  Eliminate itchy bites with The Woodlands Pest Control. 

Rodent Removal

    Anytime you are disturbed by a furry stowaway, trust our professionals to quickly and quietly remove the intruders.   We use humane and effective capture and disposal methods to expunge rodents from your property and discourage a return.    Our unique expertise in serving The Woodlands & surrounding areas will stop any rodent invasion.  

Safe Pest Control

    Bi-monthly service provides the greatest efficiency to defend your The Woodlands home from invaders.  After gaining control of any interior pest concerns, our technicians fortify the perimeter, keeping everything out of your home.   During each visit we'll remove spider webs, mud dabbers, and wasp nests from the porch and lower eaves.  One Source pest control is safe and highly effective! 

Flying Insect Removal

Bee hives, wasp nests, and other winged pests frequently find refuge among the eaves and overhangs of homes in The Woodlands.   Surprisingly large numbers can live in a nest, so attempting amateur evictions is not advised.   Contact One Source for a rush flying insect removal to safeguard your family and guests from aggressive stinging attacks.  

Pest Control The Woodlands

Expanding to serve the area, One Source Residential Services has added two new The Woodlands Pest Control trucks to our fleet.   Currently we have limited openings to add new residential & commercial clients to our top-notch service.   Working with our company is a breeze.   First, our pest control department lead will visit with you to assess your structures and grounds from the exterior.   He will then develop a professional plan to produce an impermeable pest control The Woodlands barrier around your home and garden.   Our advised treatment frequency ranges from monthly to quarterly depending on your environmental conditions.   Proximity to tree lines and other natural elements can increase the rate of pest activity.