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Greater Houston-area homeowners get great use from their private swimming pool, as the weather is warm enough to swim almost year-round. However, there may come a time when your residential pool requires much-needed updates. This is especially true if your home is seasoned, or if your area has experienced hurricanes or significant flooding.

With the professionals from One Source Residential Services, you can have your pool nicely remodeled or renovated at any time. You may need cosmetic updates, functional changes, or both. Furthermore, an older swimming pool may also need important repair work in order to maintain safety and family enjoyment.

In this article, One Source provides various reasons as to why you may need to remodel your swimming pool. Read on and then connect with us, or your local area pool service company, for a professional consultation.


Resurfacing an inground pool may be desirable or even necessary after many years have passed. The surface will look more attractive as there will no longer be obvious signs of wear and tear. A simple plaster finish offers an affordable option; however, many homeowners appreciate the beauty of new finishes and modernized design options.

Replacing Old Equipment

One aspect of pool remodeling involves replacing old equipment with energy-efficient models that have become available in recent years. Variable-speed pumps, for example, save on electricity. Variable-speed equipment also is much quieter, provides more effective filtration, and is more reliable. They offer flexible set times, so you can choose to run it at a slower speed overnight. This way, it won’t wake your family or your neighbors.

Adding a Sun Shelf

Adding a sun shelf is an increasingly popular choice among customers of companies providing pool renovations. A sun shelf allows you to get out of the water and relax next to it. Other people like to utilize the area to get a bit of a suntan. It’s also a perfect safety feature for small children, pets, and guests who don’t want to swim. Sun shelves provide a modernized feature to your swimming pool and can add nice value to your home.

Making the Area Safer & Family-Friendly

Renovations can make your pool area safer and more family-friendly if it originally was intended for adults and older teens. One Source swimming pool construction contractors can create a shallow end, add stairs, and many other safety features. They can also install rails, pool gates, and slip-resistant surfaces. Of course, kids will still need to be supervised in and around the water at all times. At One Source, we’re able to consider any of the safety features needed, as well as provide routine pool service care.

If you’re in the North Houston areas of the Woodlands, Spring, or Conroe, One Source is just a call away. For more information and a residential pool consult, connect with us today at 281-363-4663. Or Ask One Source online as an added convenience. It’s time to put our 20 years of experience to work for you!

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