Spring Eve: Anticipating Spring & Gardening In The Woodlands, Texas

This is the time of year I like to call “Spring Eve”. Everything may still look dead but we are beginning to anticipate the colors of spring. We’re trimming roses, crape myrtles, and some shrubbery. We’re planting fruit trees, berry vines, native trees, roses, shrubs, wildflowers and perennials. We’re preparing our gardens, getting them ready to plant, starting our seeds, putting our potatoes and onions in gardens or raised beds.

Beautiful Spring Weather In The Woodlands

Because of all of the beautiful days The Woodlands has seen recently, spring fever is setting in. This is a great time to envision what you would like your yard and garden to look like and to begin preparing for those things.  For me visions of gardening sprung to my mind. Recently I moved into a new home which hasn’t had a garden before.  I will be spending the rest of February, taking out the grass, tilling, and bringing in some wonderful compost and manure. Then I will till the soil again and then let it rest, to allow the nutrients from the rain and compost to soak in until just prior to planting.  When it looks as though we have experienced our last frost, I will till it one more time to make a fine, rich soil and place my seedlings in the ground. Gardening during the emerging spring brings rich rewards; that feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that your family will be eating healthy.  

Bringing Wildflowers To The Woodlands

A beautiful spring day is driving slightly west of Houston with the windows down and enjoying the gorgeous array of color along the roadsides and in the open pasture land. Any problems you have seemed to recede into the background. What a wonderful time of year! Why not make your own little wildflower area here in The Woodlands? All it takes is a sunny, dry area that doesn’t have to compete with grass. I have scattered wildflower seeds in crushed granite, gravel, and rock. They aren’t very particular and what beauty they bring. When I cast out seed, I mix it with a little sand to help the scatter ratio. The seed only needs the sun to germinate it along with a little water.  Rainfall is generally enough except in drought conditions. The seed comes out of dormancy in the spring and soon you will have lovely bouquets of flowers for your home.

Herb Gardens In The Woodlands

People are becoming more and more health conscience. Whole food stores are popping up everywhere and sometimes the flavor of the health food is not ideal. A great and healthy way to help restore some delicious flavor to healthy food is using herbs.  If you have a dry, sunny area on your property that could use some greening up, maybe an herb garden would be right for you.  Most herbs thrive on neglect.  They do not require much water and most of the herbs will grow well in just about any type of soil.  People who grow herbs realize the less attention you give them the better off they will be.  Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and chives are herbs that can be grown year round.  While cilantro, dill, fennel and parsley prefer cooler temperatures. Basil, mints, lemon balm and lemon grass prefer the warmer weather. So whether you savor the smell of lavender as you sit on your porch, sip a cup of chamomile tea to help you relax, drink peppermint tea for digestion or chocolate mint tea just because you can, herbs will add real flavor to life!

Starting Your Garden Indoors

A project that my family enjoys is starting our plants for the garden indoors. We gather some old egg crates, take a toothpick and poke a few holes in the bottom of each swaddle.  Next we spoon in some very light, organic soil.  Afterwards, we simply just follow the instructions on the package regarding the depth of planting.  We use a spray bottle to moisten the seeds and then place them in a warm, sunny indoor spot.  The children then take responsibility to water them as they dry out.  When the seeds begin to sprout the look of pride and joy on their youthful faces is PRICELESS!  Gardening in The Woodlands truly is a joyful undertaking! 

Written by Robin Kwiatkowski

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