Spring, Texas Lawn Aerification

January is generally a quiet lawn month, however at One Source, your lawn is always a priority.  As we anticipate Spring, we will begin applying pre & post emergent for weed control and continue spot treating diseases. 

We highly recommend an excellent micronutrient package to prepare your lawn for the coming warmer months. Your beautiful crepe myrtles are dormant right now so trimming them in the next month is our professional recommendation to enhance Spring flowering. 


Spring Aerification

Aerification, sometimes called core cultivation is  a supplementary lawn cultural practice primarily used to relieve soil compaction and remove thatch (the spongy layer of un-decomposed stems at the soil surface). This practice can be very beneficial to most turf areas. Creating aerification holes also promotes water infiltration, improves soil oxygen diffusion, and provides channels promoting deeper turfgrass rooting. The official definition of Aerificationthe mechanical process of creating air space in the soil that promotes a healthy rooting system for natural turf. Healthy rooting systems are an integral part of a successful residential grounds and athletic field management practices.

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