The Woodlands, Texas Termite Inspection Information

One Source is proud to announce that we’re now performing wood destroying insect reports. Wood destroying insects include termites, carpenter ants, and various wood boring beetles. The insects that cause the most damage in our area are termites and carpenter ants.  Termites alone cause over $2 BILLION worth of damage in the US every year!!! Texas is considered a heavy termite infestation area. If selling your home is in the near future, ensure your selling process doesn’t bog down with an expensive termite treatment. 

REMINDER: As you begin to consider pruning trees when the weather gets warmer, it’s wise to leave at least five feet between your home and your tree.  Pests and rodents can travel your trees to your homes easily if given the opportunity. The distance helps deter and make that transfer more difficult. Contact One Source and Steve Luckerman will be happy to discuss any pest nuisance.  The Woodlands termite inspections are scheduling now!

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