Pest Control The Woodlands Company Update - June 2017

Pest Control Technician The Woodlands, Texas

Annoying pests like roaches, spiders, fleas, and mosquitos can ruin your summer!  At One Source we're ready to take them on.  As you consider mosquito control for your home, both the larvae and the adult population need reduction.  We have several effective options for ridding your yard of both. Our tactics include a specialized fogging program and mosquito misting system installs. Fleas and ticks are rampaging right now, making them difficult to control if an outbreak occurs.  We offer a guaranteed inside & outside treatment.  Contact One Source andSteve Luckerman will be happy to discuss any pest nuisance. 

The Woodlands Pool Company Summer 2017 Update

The Woodlands Pool Service - June 2017 Newsletter

As summertime heat races into full swing in our area, your backyard pools are getting more and more activity.  One Sourcecommits to keeping them in beautiful, pristine and safe working condition.  However, there are important tips to remember between your weekly technician visits.  Maintaining a constant water level is of utmost importance.  If the level is TOO low there won’t be enough water to safely run your pool cleaner or pump.  This can quickly burn up your equipment.  If it is TOO high, your skimmers will not function properly and dirt and debris will won’t circulate into the skimmer.  The proper level is about 1” above the bottom of the skimmer tile.   One Sourcehighly recommends automatic water levelers that can easily be installed for a minimum charge. Contact One Source to schedule an installation.

The Woodlands Lawn & Landscape Update From One Source

One Source is so pleased to have you as a client.  Your property looks great, thanks to the services you allow us to provide.  Your support has helped us grow to 4 departments, add awesome leaders & operate 14 trucks!  Our company began with just a few pest control customers ten years ago!  We're so proud & thankful for our continued company growth!  

As many of you know our President and founder Brett Martin believes in a principle-centered business.  We always strive to do the right thing for our clients, without hesitation.  This approach has generated consistent organic growth & the community has taken notice of our One Source vehicles.  Our primary focus is seamless service with quality supervision.
We're very thankful to expand in the incredible Woodlands area marketplace. Should you have any residential service questions, remember One Source is always available to serve you.  Please recommend us to your friends & neighbors as well! 

The Woodlands Lawn Care Client Photo

The Woodlands Lawn Care Update

It’s Hot!  With temperatures in the triple digits many afternoons, controlling your lawn watering is a challenge.  Too little water will allow the sun to burn your yard.  And over watering opens your yard up to chinch bugs, sod webworms, and other fungi.  Keep in mind, there is no wrong time to aerate your lawn.  This allows the air and the water to go deeper into the soil.  If something in your yard looks wrong, One Source is a phone call away. Contact the office for any needs including a customized landscape or hardscape renovation rendering. Call Robin to schedule your appointment.  

The Woodlands Landscape Design - Completed Stonework

Landscaping Design The Woodlands Update

The heat is on!  It seems like the temperatures soared overnight.  With the heat & hurricane potential, Houston summer weather can keep us hopping.  Whether maintaining proper drainage for storms or trying to keep plants alive in the boiling heat, we need to be vigilant.  Making sure our yards have proper drainage can save a lot of work and money later.  Having a rain sensor installed can save you from over-watering if you are out of town or forget to turn off the system when it rains.   As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  During the summer months, we generally advise setting your control boxes at 10 minutes for sprays and 30 minutes for rotors, 3 days/ wk.  Of course, this can vary according to the way your yard is situated.  If you have any questions or would like more advice for keeping your yard looking healthy, feel free to callRobin!  She would love to talk with you.  Stay hydrated & keep your plants watered as well.  Happy dog days of summer!!!

Avoiding Brown Patch The Woodlands, Texas

Should you suspect that your lawn has brown patch, call the office as soon as possible.  One Source is beginning to schedule aeration treatments, highly recommended to allow better uptake of applied nutrients to your turf and plants. Take time to discuss this beneficial application with your technician and he will be happy to get you on the schedule.

Pool Renovation Success Stories In The Woodlands, Texas

One Source Maintains Pools 

James and his capable crew continue to excel at your weekly pool maintenance.  We are beginning to enjoy longer days and warmer water so your pools will begin to see more usage, and therefore require more attention in certain areas.   We encourage you to communicate with your technicians for specific pool needs.  Keep in mind we recommend filter cleans every six months.  If you would like us to put you on a recurring schedule, please contact the office.  

Pool Renovation Solutions 

One Source is continuing to expand our The Woodlands pool renovation division. We have completed several pools with outstanding results for very happy customers!  If you are considering a pool makeover before the summer begins, let us discuss your ideas and provide a quote.  Our team at One Source is always available to offer advice & assistance to ensure your home pool remains in pristine working condition.  

The Woodlands, Texas Preventative Pest Control

Pest Control Trucks In The Woodlands, Texas

As we begin to enjoy our most beautiful season in the Houston area, household pests often become less of an issue. However, as we enjoy more time outside, outdoor annoyances such as bees, ants and the dreaded MOSQUITO need to be addressed!  More than a mere annoyance mosquitoes can be deadly, carrying more and more diseases each year. Over 1,000 Americans experience serious illness or death as a result of a mosquito bite every year.  One Source is proud to offer full service mosquito misting system installation and maintenance as part of our The Woodlands Pest Control division. These high-tech devices are very effective & affordable.  Call the office for more information and a free quote. Contact One Source and Steve Luckerman will be happy to discuss any pest nuisance.

Early Spring Landscaping Tips

The Woodlands, Texas Landscaping

Our landscape team produces dramatic results as evidenced by these before & after pictures. Spring has come early in the Houston area.  And after the year that we’ve had that comes as no surprise!  Your heavy pruning should be done by now.  Beginning now and through the summer, light pruning is recommended.  Azalea can be pruned after the blooms drop.  This is the perfect time to consider the hardy Summer color you desire to brighten up your yard during the hot months.  In regard to your turf, it should have been scalped by now.

Houston Mowing Heights 

Our experts also recommend raising your mowers to these heights to help withstand the heat, St. Augustine @ 2.5-3” and Zoysia @ 1.5-2.5” respectively.  Friendly reminder…make sure to inspect your irrigation systems to ensure they are operating properly.  This will help protect delicate grass and flowers from the increasingly hot sun. Contact the office for any needs including a customized landscape renovation rendering.  Call Robin to schedule your appointment. 

Legendary Texas Lawn Care

Lawn Care The Woodlands

Winter in Texas brings highly variable weather! As we're typically only in your yard on a monthly basis, please keep a close eye on your lawn and shrubs and feel free to call the office with concerns. Our goal at One Source is to maintain your grounds through the winter, as we look forward to a vibrant yard in the spring.

Should you suspect that your lawn has brown patch, call the office as soon as possible.  We are beginning to schedule aeration treatments, highly recommended to allow better uptake of applied nutrients to your turf and plants. Take time to discuss this beneficial application with your technician and he will be happy to get you on the schedule.

Learn With The Woodlands Pool Pros

Pool Technician Training

Our One Source pool division continues to expand and develop! While our team proudly is your The Woodlands pool service on a weekly basis, our licensed technicians are actively remodeling several pools for clients as well.  Stay tuned as we share progress photos from these projects.

James & John recently had the opportunity visit San Antonio for the Southwest Pool & Spa Show.  John was a featured speaker and James attended the sessions and connected with industry leaders. Providing you with the most informed and educated pool technicians is our goal.  
Our team at One Source is always available to offer advice & assistance to ensure your pool remains in pristine working condition.  


Landscaping Spring Cleanup Tips For The Woodlands, Texas

Landscaping Spring, Texas

Landscaping The Woodlands, Tx

Wow! What a freeze, BRRRR.  Aside from pipes being damaged, a lot of the plant material that rarely freezes is laying sad and brown on the ground.  As tempting as it is to go out there and cut off the unsightly portions, please let them remain a bit longer.  It is still early in our "winter," and if we have another major freeze the depleted plant could actually be killed.  If you have cut your plants back, remember to cover them well should we have another freeze.  Allow several more weeks before beginning spring landscaping The Woodlands cleanup.

Roses and crepe myrtles are safe for their yearly haircut because they are dormant. When the weather begins to consistently feel warm, you'll begin to see weeds.  Consider mulching as a weed barrier. Call Robin to schedule your landscape appointment.