Landscaping Spring Cleanup Tips For The Woodlands, Texas

Landscaping Spring, Texas

Landscaping The Woodlands, Tx

Wow! What a freeze, BRRRR.  Aside from pipes being damaged, a lot of the plant material that rarely freezes is laying sad and brown on the ground.  As tempting as it is to go out there and cut off the unsightly portions, please let them remain a bit longer.  It is still early in our "winter," and if we have another major freeze the depleted plant could actually be killed.  If you have cut your plants back, remember to cover them well should we have another freeze.  Allow several more weeks before beginning spring landscaping The Woodlands cleanup.

Roses and crepe myrtles are safe for their yearly haircut because they are dormant. When the weather begins to consistently feel warm, you'll begin to see weeds.  Consider mulching as a weed barrier. Call Robin to schedule your landscape appointment.